Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Our top wine coolers...

If you want to make your kitchen stand out from the rest, there’s nothing like incorporating a luxury appliance into the design to make a statement.  We’ve noticed over the last year that wine coolers are increasingly popular with our clients so we thought we’d do a little review of the market and share our top 6 with you.

Samsung RW33EBSS1 Wine Cooler, Aluminium – great value and looks good!
Price - £299
Stores 33 bottles
Dimensions – H 850 x W 510 x D 550 mm


Caple - Wi6114 – This is one of our favourites - reasonably priced, esthetically pleasing and very practical. 
Price - £460
Stores 46 bottles
Dimensions: H 865-885 x W 595 x D 583 mm

Rangemaster RWS38LSS/C – Perfect slimline wine cooler!
Price - £640
Stores 24 bottles
Dimensions – H 870 x W 378, D 600 mm

Neff – K3670 – Neff always boasts great quality.  This appliance is more integrated into the cabinetry which makes is look very smart.
Price - £1,200
Stores 32 bottles
Dimensions - H 874 x W 538 W x D 542 mm


Gaggenau RW 424.  It’s at the top end of the market and as you’d expect it looks very sleek and has a very high quality finish.
Price - £3,500
Stores 64 bottles
Dimensions – H 1225 x W 560 x 600 mm


Sub-Zero ICB427RG - Another top of the range product –full integrated and certainly looks the part!
Price - £7,782.
Stores – 78 bottles
Dimensions – H 2032 x W686 x 610 mm


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